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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Create a Speechbubble in illustrator

- Open a new file (any size you want), select the Ellipse Tool and draw out an ellipse with White as the Fill color and No color for the stroke

- Get the Pen Tool out and draw a triangle (Fill: white - Stroke: None) as shown below (make sure that it's proportional to the ellipse you just created)

- Go to Object > Transform > Rotate and rotate it with -20%

- Move the triangle you just created in to the Ellips as shown below:

- Go to 'Window' and check 'Pathfinder'

- Make sure you have both the ellipse and the triangle selected and click the 'Add to Shape Area' icon in the Pathfinder window
Both are now merged together

- Go to Effect > Stylize > Inner glow and change the following settings:

The color used is #CBECF4

This is what you should have so far:

- Select the Ellipse Tool again and draw out an ellipse (Fill: White - Stroke: None) as shown in the screenshot

- Next, go to Effect > Warp and give the newly created ellipse an 'Arc' warp with a bend of 15%

- Move it down a little bit so that it fits back in to the speechbubble

- Make sure the warped ellipse is still selected and give it an opacity of 50%

Now the final touch...

- Select the Speechbubble and change the stroke to #B7DCE2

All Done!


Anonymous said...

Great little tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Well done! :)