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Monday, May 28, 2007

A DeviantArt styled vector wallpaper

- Open up a new file of 1024x768px and fill it with #849686

- Select the gradient tool and apply a reflected gradient (foreground to transparent)from the center of the canvas to the bottom or top with #61726f as the color.

- Create a new layer, set your foreground color to #edf5f3 and select the Ellipse shape tool and make a circle of 300x300px

- Go to layer > layer style anbd apply a border of 10px (color= #43534d)

- This is what it should look by now (image resized):

- Go back to layer > layer style and change the following settings:

color used for inner glow #bbc2bb

- Create a new layer, Select the Rounded Rectangle tool, set your foreground color to #43534d and draw out a rectangle with a fixed size of 100x25px

- Go to Edit transform > warp and apply an Arc warp with a bend of 25%

- Duplicate this layer and rotate this with an angle of 8%

- Rotate the other layer with an angle of -20%

- Position the two layers as shown in the screenshot below:

- Select the Ellipse Tool again and create a circle with a fixed size of 30x30px

- Duplicate the layer and position both circles as shown below:

- Get the rounded rectangle tool out again and create a rectangle with a fixed size of 50x20px. Yup, it's the mouth - you can place that anywhere you want.

- Duplicate the base circle layer and scale it down to 30% of its original size. this will be the left hand. Duplicate the left hand layer to make the right hand and move it to the right side of the head.

If you like how everything on and around the face is positioned, you can merge all these layers together (eyes, brows, mouth, head and hands)

- With the background layer selected, create a new layer and with the Rectangle Marquee Tool draw out a rectangle covering the whole width of the backround but only about a third of the height. (Name this layer 'floor')

- Fill this selection with #a7afa7 and give it a 5px stroke with #43534d as the color.

The result so far (image resized):

- Select the head layer again, go to layer > layer style and add a drop shadow:

- Create a new layer, set your foreground color to #f9fbfb and draw out a rectangle of 300x200px with the rounded rectangle tool. Give it a 10px stroke with #43534d as the color.

- Create another layer and draw out a circle with the Ellips tool of 50x50px. Apply the same stroke as the above mentioned rectangle.

- Duplicate the layer and scale it to 70% of its original size.
Now position these three layers ( rectangle and two circle's so it will hang like a speechbubble over the little fella's head.

- Merge these three layers that make up the speachbubble together and apply the same dropshadow as the one for the figure.

Like so:
(poor quality screenshot! ...gif.)

- go back to the 'floor layer' and go to layer > layer style and apply the following gradient:

darker green= #a7afa7 lighter green= #ced1ce

Now it's up to you to fill in the speecbubble with whatever word(s) or symbol(s) you like. I'd use #374341 as the color for the text though.

After doing that you're all done.

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