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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fauxto...like photo

It's like Photoshop in your browser.
Well - not just yet but it is more than worth a visit.

Still Beta (as everything is nowadays), it offers more than enough options to get creative.

Signing up is mandatory though, but that just takes a minute - and after you've done that, you're all good to go.

You can upload jpeg, png, gif, bmp, and tiff from your computer, from a URL or use one of the photos available on Fauxto.

Some of the possibilities are

  • add layers

  • apply filters (emboss, add noise, colorize, posterize, blur, noise, ...

  • start from scratch

  • layer effects

These are pretty much basic things and sadly enough some of the filters (like emboss) are just 'click and go', so you can't change the settings.

Some screenshots:

All in all more than worth a visit, but in my opinion only usefull when you don't have access to one of your regulal desktop graphic software.

Visit Fauxto

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